New Graduation Concept Revolutionizes Student, Alumni Engagement

Posted by Matthew Redd on Mar 18, 2019 2:27:13 PM

It's a simple idea–give a graduate an individualized clip of their graduation ceremony that they can instantly share through social media. The challenge is that the time, effort and cost of making it a reality is prohibitive—until now.

With the data to support the impact—almost a million views from a single graduation ceremony—this is clearly a vehicle for a university to communicate with its audience.

The question then becomes, “how else can universities leverage this mechanism in a transparent, ethical way?”

Here’s another simple idea — use surveys to request information from graduates that would allow you to stay in touch. What is their preferred email address now that they have graduated? What is their plan for further education? How can you engage them in your Alumni Association?

Gathering information has been a challenge historically. But, not any longer. You can choose the option to send a survey, which the graduate must complete before they can download and share their StageClip.

Again, the detail is in the data.  With an average completion rate of 86%, this solution outpaces other graduate survey tools by 3.7 times.

Why is it a Revolution?

The net result is that StageClip has turned traditional graduation ceremonies into student and alumni engagement powerhouses.

The clever part is that the previously unthinkable, due to the time commitment and cost barriers, has become a reality through StageClip’s proprietary software.

Does it Work?

Marketing typically suffered from a lack of tangible metrics—making expenditures more of a gut feel than a measurable investment. With StageClip, you have the opportunity to try something new that has been proven successful with peer universities and colleges. Your initial investment is low and can be measured easily against existing tools What’s even better, there is negligible incremental effort to deploy it.

The low barrier to entry has allowed universities across the world to jump on the bandwagon—successfully running initial trials at graduation ceremonies scheduled just weeks away.

48x Less Expensive than Facebook  Video Ads

A successful social media marketing strategy does more than share information, it inspires communities to engage with you. Social platform algorithms now give priority to posts that receive more engagement. When a graduate shares his or her StageClip, family and friends comment on the clips and share them across their networks–creating a high engagement rate that professional marketers will applaud.

A StageClip social media investment tells an even better story. The cost per 1,000 views is 48 times less expensive than Facebook video ads.

82% of all Internet Traffic will be Video

According to Cisco’s Complete Visual Networking Index Forecast (2017-2022), 82% of all Internet Protocol (IP) traffic will be video by 2022.

How are universities and colleges going to answer the call to produce more video so their social media presence doesn’t fade away? Budget, resources and production time are hurdles that have been difficult to overcome historically.

StageClip breaks the video production paradigm to provide an affordable solution that produces individualized videos for less than a cup of coffee per clip, with no more than a 24-hour turnaround time.  The professionally produced videos include brand elements to ensure consistency and brand compliance as clips are shared thousands of times over.

New Alumni Engagement Achieves Survey Completion Rates as High as 93%

With StageClip, universities are experiencing an average completion rate of 86% compared to a general  average rate of 33% on graduate surveys.

University of West England set the bar even higher with a record 93% of surveys completed. Universities are using the optional survey feature to: 

  • Quickly establish relationships with new alumni
  • Understand graduate career patterns
  • Identify future candidates for masters and PhD programs

StageClip will even crunch the social media and survey numbers for you and provide a detailed engagement report.

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